Let us share.


Over the years, the memory of my saddest moments appears (almost) always linked to the lack of sharing! Yes, I like to share, and I even see sharing as an obligation in our day-to-day actions. Even if it’s only a smile 🙂


With this sharing space (new technologies can be a blessing!) I hope to bring a little of what in 60 years (so many, already !!!!) I have learned! Maybe I’ll also share short stories, books, inspirations, music, works of art, humor. I will certainly share recipes in the belief that order in our lives starts at the most basic starting point; in what we eat, drink and breathe! I will go with whatever is most authentic and genuine to me at the moment. In the certainty that Life gives me more time to do what I want to do if I stay in the Present. Live, Love, Learn, Laugh and leave a legacy. Share it! Here, I’ll do the same. Macrobiotics? Macrobiotics is just a fantastic tool to open doors to a Great Life, in our own way!