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teresa mizon

wellness consultant

From Lisbon, graduated in hotel management from the American Hotel and Motel Association. As a teenager in South Africa grew the conviction that We Are What We Eat and a passion for Orientalism. In Madeira, along with a career in the area of ​​radio and television production, she studied several complementary therapies and fulfilled the dream of various trips to the Far East. Upon completing the Macrobiotics Curriculum (3 years) at the Institute of Macrobiotics of Portugal and the Specialization in Counseling and Communication of I.M.P., she did not hesitate for a minute to devote herself full time to Macrobiotics.


She promotes culinary workshops, food counseling and lifestyle consultations. She was a consultant and co-ordinator of the Macrobiotics department at the Sha Welness Clinic in Alicante, Spain. After a stay in Mozambique, she chose Alentejo to live and in 2018 and fulfill the dream of founding the Casa da Cumeada with the vision of becoming a pole of self-development, health and well-being.



To serve with passion and responsibility the health and well-being of each guest. To re-learn the wisdom of the past: to live according to the laws of nature, to enjoy our territory, to reuse and to respect the natural environment. Think globally, act locally.





Casa da Cumeada’s vision is to be recognized as a pole for self-develpment, health and well-being.





Regenerate and rebalance health and well-being in the light of the millenary principles of Macrobiotics through healthy food (of vegetable origin) allied to natural therapies. Generate awareness and life style changes in a sustainable way via the path of an integrated and educational approach.

the history



Located in the village of Cumeada 5 km from Reguengos de Monsaraz, the Casa (House) was born in 1952 by the hand of Ti Canhão (Domingos Rodrigues Canhão). A man of integrity, a lover of his living space , of the trees he planted here and of the animals he cared for. In the village lives the memory of the quatrains  which he recited to the card partners or at the local bar, and his pleasure in sitting on the edge of the door on rainy days. This century, a family that began the reconstruction of the House,lived here happy days and created a space adorned with the creativity of Leonor Rebello de Andrade. Whether in the rustic frontage or in the trees that remain, as in hand-painted tiles or in “peace and quietness” imprinted in the cement, the memory of both remains alive. Today, with the maximum use of existing materials, the Casa is reborn giving new meanings to objects with stories and creating new spaces for growth. The biological garden still infantile, does the honors of the outer space.

photographies by Spherical & Teresa Mizon

the surroundings



In Cumeada is the Seat of the Reserve Dark Sky Alqueva, 5km from Reguengos de Monsaraz and 3km from the riverside village of Alqueva, Campinho. The village is a quiet and central place for those who wish to discover the rich ethnographic and cultural heritage (Herdade do Esporão, S. Pedro do Corval, Monsaraz, etc.), walks and/ or cycling, nautical, observation of the skies, equitation, etc.

photographies by Spherical, Carlos Soares & Teresa Mizon

the garden



The outer space is is an edible garden. The olive tree, the lemon tree, the orange tree, the persimmon and other fruit trees are company to the patches of herbs and vegetables for House consumption.

the food



Here, we value the simplest wonders of life! The pleasure of serving and caring goes through what matters most: meals that nurture the body and soul without refined sugars, without too much salt or fat, without animal products. We welcome you to the vast and delicious world of legumes, fresh and organic vegetables, whole grains, seaweed and condiments that make your taste buds happy. It is in the kitchen, with great pleasure, that we nourish the appetite for the joy of serving you with wisdom, health and flavor

photographies by Teresa Mizon