Macrobiotics is a way of life that guides one’s choices in nutrition, activity, and lifestyle. A system of principles and practices based on Nature’s Laws to benefit the body, mind, and planet.

Origin: from Ancient Greek: Macro (large or long) and Bios (life or way of living).

the 5 transformations

The principle based on millenary traditions that explain the conception of the World as an accumulation of energetic phenomena, believing that the Universe is governed by two antagonistic and complementary forces. These two forces are in permanent motion, one expanding, the other contracting. The health and harmony of body, mind and spirit depends on the balance between these two forces. Yin and Yang in the Eastern tradition, Heavenly Father and Mother Earth in Christianity.

The 5 Transformations are like 5 stages where all the manifestations of the visible world, including emotions and, of course, food, fit.


Tree – is the expansive and upward movement related to patience, tolerance, altruism and generosity. The color is green, the corresponding season is Spring, the flavor is sour, the sense the sight and the main organs governed by it, the Liver and the Gallbladder.


Fire – is the stage of greatest expansion related to joy, intuition, lucidity and laughter. The color is red the corresponding season is Summer, the taste is bitter, the sense the touch and the organs ruled by it the Heart and Small Intestine.



Soil – this is an energy in a semi-condensed state related to organizational capacity, sympathy, practical sense of life and optimism. The dominant color is yellow and earth tones. The corresponding season is the End of Summer, the flavor is sweet and the main organs governed by it are the Stomach, Spleen and Pancreas.


Metal – represents the mineral world in Nature, is the energy of reunion, detachment, enthusiasm and purification. The dominant color is white and the corresponding season is Autumn. The taste is spicy and the main organs governed by this energetic stage are the Lungs and the Large Intestine.


Water – it is the stage of fusion, the floating energy related to the will, the sense of life and the capacity for adaptation. The dominant colors are the dark ones and the corresponding season the Winter. The flavor is salty and the main organs related to this energetic movement are the Kidneys and the Bladder.